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When Your World Comes Crashing Down!!!!

Posted November 10, 2014 by admin in Blog
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Hello World, Hello Friends and Family,

I pray everyone is having a wonderful Monday!! Life is ever changing and even when you’re praying and seeking the Lord about your life and the things in it, that doesn’t mean it will play out like a movie! This past week my computer was running very slowly, which meant I probably had a virus. So, I told my computer savvy husband about it and he began to check it out. At first he didn’t think it was any big deal, but on Friday after having a few days to go through things and thinking he had copied all of my files and saved the day, my husband came to me and said, “Well, you don’t have cancer and I don’t either.” I said, “What are you trying to say?” He said, “Your computer has that Cryptic Virus and everything is infected, so everything is gone!” You can imagine how that affected me, not very positively to say the least!! So I began to weep and go over all the things that I had stored in my computer like; my recipes, my documents, my interviews, my cookbook stuff, my pics of my son and my cooking and the list just went on and on and on…and I just wept and wept and wept. My husband thought he had a good backup from just days ago, but it never would complete. At first he couldn’t find any backups of my computer at all, and then as I was driving around very late Friday night trying to make sense of this tragedy, he called me and said, “Well, I found a backup from almost 3 years ago!” He thought I would be extremely happy about that, and I was, but I still had so many things over the last 3 years that I couldn’t replace and that I would have to try and piece back together. I was still numb and finally grew so tired that I came home to try and get some sleep. Then yesterday my husband found another backup that was only about a year or so old, which added many more things to my list of almost lost documents, interviews, cooking shows and pics, which made me a lot happier!! First I want to say to everyone, “Always make sure you back up your computer at least once a month, if not once a week and make sure the backup actually does complete!!!” Secondly I want to say, “Our stuff; computers, houses, cars, clothing, jewelry, the ring we were given from our deceased Aunt Margaret, our bank account…those are not the most important things in the world and life will continue on without most of them (Although they are important, they aren’t the most important)!! The things that really do make a huge difference and are really important is our health, our walk with Jesus, our family, our friends, loving people even when the hurts us, doing the right thing even when it’s tough, having the right attitude, giving where we need to give and helping where we need to help and making a positive difference in this world!!”, now those are the things that really matter and that will make and eternal difference!!! I am still sad about some of the things I’ve lost, but my life will not change significantly from these losses and life will continue on…I have learned a huge lesson and I want you to learn through my mistakes this time around!!! I’ll be talking about food next time, just wanted to share my grief and triumph today!!!


I Pray You Have A Fabulous Darcy Diva Kind Of Day,

Darcy Diva

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