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Strawberry Lemonade and S’mores on More at Midday

Posted May 17, 2014 by admin in Beverages

Hello Channel 4 friends!!!

Thank you for your faithfulness and for stopping by to visit!!! I hope you enjoy the More at Midday segments I do as much as I love doing them!!! Sometimes we have a little too much fun, but I do hope you take away some laughter and a great recipe every-now-and-then!!! If you would like to know when I’ll be appearing on Channel 4 to cook, you can just visit my website at, my FB page at Darcy Diva, my Twitter at Darcy Diva or my blog, which is where you are right now and thanks again for stopping by!!!!

First I wanted to give you a little fuel for the day to help you through each day, or whatever you may be facing in your life. This one doesn’t involve food, either, it involves a right attitude and some faith in Jesus!!! Some of you I know are going through some really challenging times, I so understand, been there and have my own battles going on as I write!! You may be going through a divorce, health issues that are life threatening, money problems, no job, depression, addictions…or simply trying to fill that emptiness inside!! Whatever it is you’re going through, the answer is always found in Jesus and a positive outlook on life!!! Let me just encourage you to pray, seek Jesus and help others when you can…in helping others you’ll forget about your problems for a while and feel encouraged. It works every time!!!!

If you would like to view the recipes I spoke about today “Almost Famous Strawberry Lemonade” and “Make It Simple S’more Bars” just click and the links will take you directly to the recipes!! Bon appetit My Friends, Now Go Have Some Fun In The Kitchen, But Make It Quick, Because You’ve Got Some Life To Live!!!

Big Hugs,
Darcy Diva

Let Me Leave You With This Thought For The Day:
“Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” ~ John Wooden (I love this one!!)