“THE BEST” Hot Chocolate Mix Ever

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Recipe Facts

Prep Time:: Approx 15 minutes
Cook Time:: none
Servings:: Large tub full
Goes good with:

This hot chocolate mix is great for giving to friends throughout the Christmas season. You’ll love it so much you will want to share it with everyone.

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1-20 oz. Can Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers Hot Chocolate Mix (Kroger has their own brand which is less expensive)
1-32 oz. Bag Powdered Sugar
1-20 oz. Box Nonfat Dry Milk (This may come in only larger or smaller sizes)
1-16 oz. Jar Coffee Mate (Plain)


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly in a large sealable bowl or tub. This batch makes multiple cups of hot chocolate. I give it away as gifts for the holidays and drink quite a lot myself during the cold weather season. If kept sealed this mix will stay fresh for at least a year, but it probably won’t last that long. To make 1 cup of hot chocolate mix 3 to 6 tablespoons of mix with hot water or milk. You’ll love this mix and you will definitely want to share it with others.


**For Your Gift label include these instructions and the recipe on a recipe card attached to the bag or jar:

Combine ¼ cup Home Made Cocoa Mix and ¾ cup boiling water or milk in cup, stir and enjoy!