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Holiday Memories

Posted November 30, 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Here is a Christmas Special I was involved with this year to raise awareness and money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. I even shared my own “Best Hot Chocolate Ever” recipe on the special. Here you’ll find the dates and air times for the Special, hope you get a chance to tune in and watch on one of these dates!!!

A Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All Of You!!!!


Holiday Memories with Edie Hand & Nashville Stars


Ray Stevens, Billy Dean, Andy Griggs, Robbie Rhodes, Buddy Jewell, Jimmy Fortune, Angela Hacker, Ronnie McDowell, Linc Hand, Terre Thomas,Oak Ridge Boys, Dale Smith Thomas, Candy Christmas, Armond Morales, Patrik and Natalie Wayne, Justin Peters, Darcy Young cooking and more.

Listings and Showtimes

RFD-TV (Direct TV) Available to 41+million USA homes
Dec. 2 at 6pm EST
Dec. 23 – Sunday 2:30pm EST
Dec. 30 – Sunday 2:30pm EST

Rural TV(Dish TV ) Available to 28+million USA homes
Dec.24 at 8pm Est

Family Net (ABC)
Dec. 10 at 7pm and 11pm Est

Additional Local Networks
WUOA Channel 6 at the University of Alabama
Dec. 9 at 2pm

Red Bay, AL & Tupelo, MS
Dec.12-16 at 7am and 4pm CT
Dec 12-17 at 7pm CT
Dec 12-18 at 6am and 7pm CT
Dec 12-20 at 5pm CT
Dec 12-21 at 7am CT
Dec 12-23 at 7am CT
Dec 12-24 at 7am CT

TV 55 (Hamilton, Phil Campbell, Winfield, Guin, AL)
Dec 11, 18, 24 at 7 pm CT

WUOA (Charter) (Tuscaloosa, AL, Birmingham, AL)
Dec 9 at 2pm CT
Dec 22 at 12:30pm CT

ACN (Alabama Cable Network) (Huntsville, AL)
To Be Announced