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Darcy’s You’ll Kiss The Cook Cookbook

I’m so excited to introduce to you my new cookbook Darcy’s You’ll Kiss The Cook Cookbook“! Sometimes things that are worth waiting for just take a little longer than you anticipate and this cookbook has been one of those things. After 4 years, here we go!!!


This cookbook has many of my favorite, tasty, relatively simple to prepare recipes. I’ve also included pictures of celebrities I’ve interviewed and a few I’ve cooked with, along with my best kitchen tips that will help you spend a whole lot less time in the kitchen, or get you out of a pickle that you’ve created in the kitchen. I’ve included a cooking conversion page and a “this for that” tips page (which has been extremely helpful to me).  Let me know what you think about the book and if you have ideas feel free to e-mail me! Your ideas or tips might even end up in my next cookbook.

Let me leave you with this final thought…Just remember, the kitchen can be a place of fun, creativity and many great memories with the family, so let me help you do just that with my book for $16.99 and my cooking appearances on television!

One day in the not so distant future I hope to be visiting with you on a daily or weekly basis with my own cooking show. You may need to buckle in for that, because I have a whole lot of fun, maybe a little too much fun, you decide!!!
Have Fun In The Kitchen,
Darcy Diva


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