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Double Chocolate Chip Mega Muffin

Gobble Them Up Double Chocolate Chip Mega Muffins

These are very tasty, the whole family will love them!

Chicken 'N' Veggie Kabobs

Chicken ‘N’ Veggie Kabobs

Try my Chicken 'N' Veggie Kabobs this summer for a tasty treat. Prep ahead of time for dinner and you'll have a meal ready in no time!

A Healthy Snack For The Summer of 2014!!!!

Yummy Peanut Butter DipHello Summer, Hello Thursday and Hello Friends and Family, Can You Believe We Are Just About to Knock At This Weekend’s Door? I know our work week was cut a bit short because of the holiday, but wow...

Get’tem While They’re Hot Nacho Burgers

Pile your favorite toppings on this fabulous burger, add chips and let the happiness begin!

Strawberry Lemonade and S’mores on More at Midday

Hello Channel 4 friends!!! Thank you for your faithfulness and for stopping by to visit!!! I hope you enjoy the More at Midday segments I do as much as I love doing them!!! Sometimes we have a little too much fun, but I do hope...

Make It Simple S'mores Bars

Make It Simple S’more Bars

These S'mores Bar's will quickly become a favorite in your home, as they have in mine. If you need something good for a party, you can't go wrong with these. YUM!

almost famous strawberry lemonade - Darcy Diva

Almost-Famous Strawberry Lemonade

Enjoy this special Strawberry Lemonade on a warm summer afternoon or a brunch with friends. You can't go wrong with this delightful recipe.

Fun Flower Cookie Pops

Fun Flower Cookie Pops

Welcome to Monday Everyone and Happy, Happy Monday To You!!! Ohhh such a busy weekend for us, what about you? Did you do anything fun and exciting? What are your plans for this coming Easter weekend? We have more basketball gam...

Hydrogen Peroxide

The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide – Kitchen Tips

Hello Everyone & A Very Happy Friday Morning To You!!! Do you have big plans for the weekend? I’m having a slumber party at my house tonight with some of my girls!! There will be lots of cooking, eating, talking, laug...

Meet Blaze

It’s Time to Meet Blaze! This little guy gets so much attention at our house. In this picture he had just gone to the groomer and looks so handsome!